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    CEA CRITIC《CEA評論家》 (Email投稿)

    • 期刊簡稱CEA CRITIC
    • 參考譯名《CEA評論家》
    • 核心類別 AHCI期刊(2019),
    • IF影響因子
    • 自引率
    • 主要研究方向LITERATURE



    CEA CRITIC《CEA評論家》(四月一刊). The CEA Critic is the scholarly journal of the College English Association, a national organization for ...[顯示全部]












    Guidelines for Submission

    If you would like to submit an essay for publication in The CEA Critic, you may e-mail submissions as WORD documents to the editors at criticunco@gmail.com. Please attend to the following guidelines as you prepare your manuscript:

    Manuscripts should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words and must be accompanied by a 150-300 word abstract.

    Please submit two copies of your manuscript, one with the author's name, affiliation, and email address and one without any author identification. In addition, please include, in your correspondence, a statement that the manuscript is not under consideration elsewhere.

    Notes should be (1) inserted manually (as if with an old-school typewriter) and (2) placed before the Works Cited.

    All documentation should follow the MLA 8th (2016) edition.

    Authors are responsible for both the accuracy of quotations and for representing source material fairly.

    Authors are responsible for securing any copyright releases involving graphs, tables, or illustrations.

    The CEA Critic will publish only articles by members of the College English Association. Non-members are welcome to submit but must join the CEA in order for accepted submissions to be published.

    Review Process

    The editors will send submissions to members of the Editorial Board or to other qualified reviewers. The editors, however, reserve the right to reject submissions that they consider inappropriate for The CEA Critic without sending them out for review. Unrevised conference presentations or unrevised graduate term papers are not appropriate for publication in The CEA Critic. Essays on pedagogy or academia are appropriate for The CEA Forum.

    Because our journal aims to publish stimulating literary criticism, reviewers will judge how compelling, coherent, scholarly, original, and important the submitted essays are.

    The editors will recycle rejected submissions. The College English Association holds the copyright to all articles published in The CEA Critic. For permission to reprint articles, please contact the editors at the address above.

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